Everyone deserves a friend

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At least one friend.  Sometimes, it can be difficult making friends, but it is more difficult keeping them.  Some friends have certain “duties” while others can be anything at any time.  Several years ago, I was leaving a friend’s house and gave her a hug goodbye.  Now, this was not something that was a normal part of our parting from one another, but I told her that we always hug our family goodbye, why not our friends?  Our friends are the ones that are the one we REALLY rely on and can feel more like “family” than those we are truly related to through marriage or blood.  Friends are people who would drop Anything and Everything to come to your aid because you made that plea to them.  And they answered because you are friends.  There is a difference between being friendly and being friends.  I know…I lived that for a long time.  I was friendly with most people, but I never let them in.  I was afraid of having to put faith and trust in someone else when I had built walls over an entire lifetime because I had grown accustomed to only relying on one person…me.  That can be lonely, but I was the ultimate “survivor” before the TV program was even an idea.  Distance, time, and busy schedules can make it impossible to maintain those friendships as you would want them to be and that is where faith comes in.  I have family that are also great friends and great friends who are also now a part of my family.  They always be intertwined and will never be separated, especially by distance, time, or busy schedules.  Those friends live every day where we hold them close…in our hearts.  Every one of us deserves to have a friend, and I am humbly blessed to have the ones I have.  Thank you for choosing me as much as I choose you.   Over and over again.

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