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When forced to choose between a well-known, well versed, money laden program, I will ALWAYS root for the underdogs.  I think that started back in 1989 or 1990 when Mike and I were first married and March Madness had taken over our tv in our little apartment.  Syracuse and the University of Connecticut were playing and I asked who was favored to win. He said, “Syracruse.” From that moment on, I was a Connecticut Husky fan.  Coincidentally enough, my parents both graduated as Huskies from the University of Washington.  We here about the “Cinderella” teams…you know the ones…the ones that really shouldn’t be playing on the “big” stage, but somehow keep finding a way to earn the right to be there.  There are moments that define us — when the underdogs just do have  enough because they end of getting beaten up (not just beaten) by the superstars — and we have to graciously walk off the field after a hard-fought battle. I read a quote this weekend that reminded me of the teams I have seen that are losing and then hand the game to the other team.  They have done what no one should ever do…give up.  In the last two days, I have seen my son’s baseball team keep fighting for the win.  They have had many struggles this season and through it all, have now found a way to play together.  We are reminded of other moments…when those underdogs took everyone by surprise and won it all…when they did the impossible.  When they believed so much and things fell just right that they are forever held in that moment.  Who doesn’t want to live there?  Why do we settle for being mediocre or ordinary?  Why do we believe that that is all we are capable of?  We have so much more to give…to show the world what we can really do…to make a difference.  When we do something great, against all odds, we show others that all things are possible.  We remind people that believing is in the showing up to life.  Sometimes, we may feel like underdogs and that everything stacked against us is too big, like we were standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest looking up, saying to ourselves, “You want me to climb that?”  Guess what…people have done it.  DM had mentioned to me that she was frustrated about something, but wasn’t sure how to start and I could hear the frustration and wanting to give up, even before she started.  She had already written it off as too big — that she was the underdog fighting against the more powerful.  So, I reminded her about where she wants to be and that it doesn’t happen over night.  Yesterday, she told me that read something I wrote — and maybe, that is where she looks up that mountain and for the first time doesn’t say, “I can’t.” Maybe, she looks up and says, “With one step at a time, I am no longer where I was and am that much closer to being successful.”  I love being the underdog and root for them every chance I get.  After all, we are all underdogs, aren’t we?

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