Facing backwards

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How can we see where we are going if we are facing backwards?  Even when I walk backwards up one of two hills on my morning route, I have to turn my head if even for a little bit, to see where I am going.  Last night, I was feeling a little deflated and was wondering if what I am doing is a waste of time.  That seemed to be the constant thought and I needed to look at what I had in front of me in a different light.  I need to face forwards and keep moving in that direction.  It can be difficult to forget the past and dwell on what we wish we could have done to make the outcome different (usually better), but we have to find hope in that maybe, just maybe, something we did or said will still live on in some way.  If anything, perhaps people may have learned something about themselves and will continue to ask those hard questions, that no one really wants to answer.  If you were to ask me if I would change anything that happened, I could not think of one thing.  Perhaps the timing is not right.  Perhaps people aren’t ready.  Perhaps it was meant to happen this way.  We seem to forget that last one.  I know I do.  I mean, we think we know what we want, right?  We believe we can see the end result and what that looks like so when it doesn’t look like that, we deem it a failure.  When disappointment comes to us, we can find an excuse as to why it didn’t work out and sometimes we blame others.  However, I really try to do neither.  It is no one’s fault so placing blame on others is just a way to point fingers and it really provides no one with any benefit.  I am very grateful for that opportunity it served and maybe it will have new life in a few months, or at its appropriate time.  We will see.  Do you find yourself facing backwards?  Wishing the past would be different?  Are you so focused on what cannot be changed that you don’t even see what is staring you right in the face?  Don’t feel bad, we all do it from time to time.  We just can’t live there.  We can remember wonderful moments and special occasions.  Reflecting on significant people and treasuring the imprints they left is always something we will carry with us.  We must keep moving forward.  In order to do that, we must be facing in that direction.  So, stop facing backwards….turn around…and allow the momentum that propels you ahead to carry you through.  Look for the bright side in everything you now have before you…the world is at your beck and call.

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