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We are entitled to nothing.  No one owes us anything in this life.  We are not entitled to a good life or one where we have no worries.  We are not entitled to being a part of someone’s life just because we want to be…they have to allow us to be in their life.  Handouts and free rides should not be expected by anyone.  Too many times in society, people have expected or feel that they are entitled because of who they are related to, how much money they have, or where they went to school.  My husband coached select baseball for all three of our sons for many years and at tryouts, we always told them, “If you make the team, then Dad will coach.”  They had to EARN their way on the team first.  No college graduate is guaranteed to find a job right after they graduate.  People that hold positions of authority should not be allowed to be able to walk all over everyone else because of that position.  Teenagers believe that they should just be given something because they did well on a test or because they have reached that “magical” age of 16 that they are ENTITLED to a car…and not a piece of junk, either.  Not one of us is entitled to a long life either.  Sometimes, life is shorter than we want or longer than we expect.  There are no guarantees in this life for any of us.  Yet, every once in a while we get sucked into that world of entitlement.  We come to the conclusion that because we studied extra hard for that final, that we deserve an “A”.  Some people believe that because their road has been rough, that it should be smooth from here on out.  Guess what?  Life does not work that way and if you are one of those people who think it should work that way, then you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.  I hear about parents that “reward” or bribe their kids for good grades, for hitting a home run, or for another feat that the kid should be trying to do anyway — regardless of what it gets them in the end!  They should want to get good grades or hit that home run.  The pride and sense of accomplishment should be enough and once that becomes what we live for, then the sense of entitlement will disappear.  Then, and only then, will you continue to work hard for everything you do in life and you will appreciate it more — because it was NOT given to you.  You earned it!

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