Enough is enough!

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I’m done.  Not just maybe or just for today.  DONE.  Are you done?  Have you drawn that line in the sand that cannot be crossed…or else?  Where tiptoeing around something is no longer an option?  When you must make a decision?  When you have had enough.  You are not going back because it is not where you want to be any longer.  I know people who are struggling with important, life changing decisions that are fueled by the want to be some place better than where they  are now.  Does this sound like you?  Maybe someone you know?  Personally, I am done with the lack of motivation.  I am done with allowing myself excuses.  How many times have we all allowed — to the point of permitting — someone else to dictate how we live our lives?  We allow it because it is difficult to say, “NO!  I am not going to allow you to treat me this way anymore.”  We should respect ourselves enough to walk away, especially when there are other lives at stake.  The hardest part is not in identifying what is wrong, but in actually doing something about what is wrong.  People I know have shown unspeakable courage and self-confidence over the last year or so that gives me strength.  Selfishly speaking, it makes me grateful to not be in their shoes, but I am still ever compassionate and sympathetic for their situation and make sure they know that I am always there for them.  Ever had to be stronger than you ever thought you were, even if it meant that you were going to upset people by being true to yourself?  I have.  Chances are we all have.  Maybe it was telling someone that you were leaving your job.  Or telling a coach that you are not going out for next year’s team.  Perhaps it was ending a relationship after many years together.  We all have been there at one time or another.  We have all walked away, never looked back and as scary as that decision was, you also know it was the best thing you could do.  Staying there was more harmful and caused more harm than the benefits that you were getting.  The unknown, after we make such a decision, can be just as scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  We have to believe that anything has to be better than what we had and that we deserve better.  For a long time, I didn’t really understand that I deserved better, but now I do.  You have to admit that there is an appreciation for the people who have the guts to stand up for what they believe in.  It takes courage to say “it’s over” and mean it.  But when you get to that point…the one where the line has been drawn or the last straw has been picked, and you can’t take it any more.  Then, you know.  You will show the world your moxie and your new life will be something to look forward to and you will be the one singing, “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross

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