Are you a puppet?

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Maybe you don’t think you are, but if you had to really take a hard look at your life, would you think someone else is pulling your strings?  Maybe you are ok with not having to make any decisions because your choices are made for you.  If something goes wrong, you can just point that finger at someone else and own none of it.  But what if mundane and routine is not for you?  What if something bigger is trying to get out and be shared with the world?  Are you void of any existence in your life and wonder what is in it for you?  What if you are meant for something different?  Not necessarily better, but different?  When I was younger, I thought my life would run a certain path and although I did not really know what that meant, I had an idea of what it looked like.  And for the most part, my life has followed that path, with minor detours and traffic jams along the way.  But I will tell you that NEVER in my life, did I imagine my life looking like it does now.  I wasn’t one of those people who just refused to see what was in front of her, it wasn’t even on my radar.  No joke!  I didn’t realize that someone else (I don’t know who and that is not important) was pulling my strings and I danced (not very well, I might add) and followed instructions…to the tee.  It has been mentioned to me that I used to sit quietly in the corner, agreeing with whatever was said, and people liked me when I was like that.  And, then, one day, I cut those strings and began to dance (still not very well) on my own and I held firm to expressing my opinions (even if they were not like everyone else’s), and people said they liked me even more.  Did I do all of those things so people would like me?  NO!!  I did them because I finally believed in myself enough that I didn’t need someone else to do it for me.  Now, I would by lying if I just said it worked like that, but the truth is someone saw my potential and believed in me and everything I was destined to be before I knew what was going on.  Again, some people are perfectly ok with living their lives with calmness, routine, and comfortable.  Fear was my marionette, but not anymore.  Are you ready to try something new — anything new???  Are you afraid of what you COULD be compared to what you ARE now?  What if you are meant to be something that you are, and instead fight every day with what you aren’t?  Can you change?  You bet!  There is no time like TODAY to start.  The first time you get out there on your own, you are not going to walk with grace, but eventually you will be so proud of who you have become and you will walk with your head held high like never before.  Cut the strings, my friends.  Do what you are meant to do.  And then you will get to that point of no return, where you refuse to live your life anyway else.  “I Refuse” by Josh Wilson

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