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In our last G.I.F.T. meeting, I asked the group where they find energy and some of these lovely ladies were surprised by their answers.  I think one of them just starting talking about her new job and then we got samples afterwards so it then we were VERY energized!!  Thanks, DK!  Where do you find energy?  Some of find it in a little bottle of liquid that they hype up on TV; others find it taking quite time for themselves.  I usually find my energy when I run.  I never knew that running (whether alone or with someone) would take me places I had overlooked for so long, never knowing they were there for me to see and taste.  For the last two mornings, I have run better than I have in a couple of weeks now and am ever grateful for the warming weather.  I still have to stop now and again, but I keep pushing myself to go “10 more steps” and then I go even further.  I find energy in writing — here and elsewhere.  For someone not wanting to do the G.I.F.T., I find energy in these women who are searching for and FINDING things that make them happy and they actively pursue those joys.  Even though it is scary and exciting at the same time, they throw their hands up on the rollercoaster ride and say, “WHEEEEEEE!”  Last week, I caught the tail end of something on OWN, and heard Oprah say, “Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.  You are responsible for the energy you surround yourself with as well.”   Take an active role in only allowing those people in your life that can bring you up, not down.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done.  Believe me, I know.  I don’t like negativity and when someone starts their day with a negative comment to me, then I have to let it go.  Yes, sometimes easier said than done.  I find energy in doing a job well done and taking pride in my work, whether I am compensated with money or in other ways.  It is easier (and perhaps more convenient) to allow others to assume that role, but we each have to take a hold of what WE need to do.  YOU choose your attitude and YOU choose who shall benefit from that same attitude.  Energy is everywhere, but is obtained through different means and measured in different ways.  Wherever you get your energy, use it to propel you further than you ever thought you would go.  Because when you have energy that cannot be contained or stopped, you become a very powerful force.  Be responsible for YOUR energy and remind others to do the same.  Keep boosting your energy with little spurts here and there from people, places, and things.  Once you start, it will be impossible to stay still.

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