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Have you ever said that in passing, maybe at work?  Maybe because everyone happens to be wearing the same color and you feel a little left out?  Or have you seen the cell phone commercial when a group of employees are having lunch (I think it’s tacos) and this guy feels like he didn’t the invite because his phone is slow?  Sometimes, I am all sure we feel like we have been “left out of the loop”, whether intended or not.  People make mistakes and forget….we all do.  It hurts more when it is done on purpose or you find out after the fact.  Years ago, a group of us girls used to go to dinner once a month.  It was a nice break from everything and we needed to take a few hours for ourselves.  Once, I found out that they all went to dinner…without telling me.  People said they remembered while they were at dinner, but no one made a call.  No one followed to make sure I was invited to the next outing.  Then, it became awkward if we would happen to run into each other and still kind of is now.  I had been removed from this group and never knew why.  Still don’t.  You know when it’s right and when it isn’t. We can laugh about those times that it isn’t a big deal about the color people were wearing, but it can be an issue if we make it.   If we let it.  Don’t let little things ruffle your feathers.  So what if you didn’t get the memo?  Today, I got to see a very great friend who brought me a great hug and her wonderful smile.  I had missed both.  I might have missed some earlier memos, but I got the one today.  Thanks, SM…even though I already told you…you MADE my day.

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