Dare to Live!

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This morning, I was reminded of a child’s game called, “Truth or Dare” and was thinking why did it have to be “or”? For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game, you sit with your closest friends and one of them asks you, “Truth or Dare?” and you have to pick one. If you pick “Truth” then, that friend will ask you a question and you have to answer it truthfully. Now, when you are 7 years old, answering a question about if you “like” someone else in front of others can be extremely difficult and possibly humiliating. However, if you pick “Dare” then you have essentially agreed to do whatever this person asks you to do. Maybe, it is going up to the person you “like” and telling them you “like” them. Equally difficult and possibly humiliating. Here is my secret…I never liked to play this game when I was a child. Are you kidding me?? My choices were: A) Be vulnerable or B) Take chances. Not part of my M.O., especially if I had a choice to join in or not. I chose not. But not today. Today, I was thinking that we can do both – we can do “Truth and Dare”. When you choose the kind of life you want to live and take chances, and dare to live, then you are being truthful to yourself. You are not afraid of someone laughing at you or not seeing the same thing you see. Frankly (my dear), you get to that point in your life when you just stop caring about pleasing others first and start putting your desires, your dreams, and your life first. I had a really nice conversation last night with a new person I just met this week, and she asked me one question. “Tell me about yourself” was all she said. In 30 minutes, I tried to sum up everything that brought me to this very point in my life…where I come from, where I am now, and where I plan to be. In 18 months, I have finally learned to live. I have been dared by signs I cannot explain and by God himself to do what I am meant to do. Following my heart makes me finally be honest with myself and lets those people around me see the REAL me. It won’t subside, regardless of what is in front of me right now. Where are you? Are you being truthful to yourself? Are you willing to take chances and dare to live YOUR life? Here is the secret…unlike the childhood game, you don’t have to choose. When you choose one, you choose the other. TRUTH AND DARE!!

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