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I spent yesterday afternoon at a workshop that centers around my way of thinking, although I was there as a guest, not as a speaker. One day, not maybe one day, that will be me. There were opportunities for us guests to be engaged in the process and participate when asked so that we would “buy into” this philosophy. I was already there, but learned more about myself than I thought I would. I did not necessarily expect anything in particular, but enjoyed myself even though I was with complete strangers. As I listened to the “headliner” along with her new trainers, I began to feel my strength grow and it almost took me by surprise. There were two others ladies there that I will be working with very closely on a new project I am taking on and am very excited about its developement and implementation. As I sat there for several hours, I took some chances with no regrets, no walls, and really didn’t even think about them after I took them. Not once. Because I was deliberate in my convictions, my passions and dreams were announced to everyone in that room. We cannot live a life of complacency and allow things just to happen. I have done that way too long and it takes you no where. And if you get there, you begin to think that you should have been there long before now, like you took the “slow boat.” What do you believe in? What do you want out of your life? What are you doing (not willing to do or think about doing) to change it? A dear friend ended one chapter this week after 23 years and today she starts her next chapter of her life. She is CHOOSING TO BE DELIBERATE  with her life and is living her life for her. Finally!! Things happen for a reason and because of that, they have specific purposes to serve – their functions are deliberate. You have to choose to live your life in a deliberate manner. You have to keep reaching for that dream that is just beyond your outstretched arm. You can see it, you can feel it, you can be it. What can you do to change your life forever? EVERYTHING! It starts with you. Always did and always will. When are you going to take a chance on you…because if you won’t take that chance, why should anyone else? You have to KNOW that you are more than what you are now. If you cannot sell yourself, how can anyone else? Be deliberate in choosing the life you want and “run at it.” Fun Dip Wednesday! :0

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