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I am trying to process it all, because I think it means something. Three young men that were once in my office stopped by to visit this week. Not to talk shop, but to visit with me. Two have stopped by before so I was not really surprised by their appearances, but the third one literally took kept me guessing. Those seemingly irrelevant acts lead to one conclusion. That what I say to these kids matters to them. And they remember it and want more. They have no official reason to need to see me and yet they still come. One of them asked me, “What did I do that was so great?” about what kind of impact he makes in my life. He makes me believe that I provide a benefit to these young people who need someone to remind them of everything that is still in front of them. They cannot prejudge their future or think that anything is impossible because it has been tough to get them where they are right now. I cannot question what this all means, but certainly it leaves me with little question as to what I am being called to do. Have you ever been drawn to something but unsure why or what you were going to do when you get there? That is where I am right now. How can I even begin to explain to you what I am unable to understand myself? I shared more about my dream with another woman this week and she told me she was taking notes as I was talking to her on the phone. I asked her, “What did I do that was so great?” and she told me that she was going to use my “philosophy” at home and wants to visit more about the way I think. I sent her an email and that may open even more doors that I will walk through when the time comes. I am just in awe of what seems to be coming my way when I open myself up to all of the possibility of what is yet to be. No fear, just hope and the promise yet to be fulfilled. This seems to solidify what must happen next, although I do not know when or how. I recently finished a book that says once you find the “what” then the “how” will take care of itself in ways never imagined. I KNOWthe “what” and these three young men validated that for me this week. Tha

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nks, guys.


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