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We all have paths we take. Some we are paths we have not chosen, yet needed to take for reasons we may not have understood at the time. Some we are yet to take and are unsure of what will come our way. And yet others, we can decide for ourselves and purposefully select paths for our reasons. Which path are you on right now? One that was chosen for you or one that you have chosen for yourself? Which one would you pick if you could? Do you think you have a choice? Maybe not all of the time, but if you could incorporate a new path, would you take the chance to create it? What would it look like? Who would be next to you, always there, as you travel that path? Paths taken are not always what we think they should be and at times bring us things we did not want. Those are things we cannot change. It is necessary to accept them and move on. There is work left to do, people to meet, and dreams to make reality. Then, other paths take us to places that brings us such joy and happiness that it would have been impossible to even imagine it. How awesome it is when you can realize that you have control over the way you want to channel your path. Your path will amaze you and mine amazes me more everyday. To where it almost stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away. When I look back at where I was six months ago or a year ago, I have to really search for what my path looked like then. I cannot even remember what my path looked like last week, even. My path is like the yellow-brick road – as I continue to travel, the road appears almost underneath each foot as I take my next step. Never sure what lays in front of me, but never looking back. I am constantly growing in my faith, in my dedication to making my life different from my past, in my committment to my dreams and making them come true. Are you still wondering what you are doing here? You have to give in to the path that is before you…you will not regret it and you will be forever better. I told Rocky’s mom once that “I am better because of her and she is better because of me.” Mama Rock looked at me and told me, “No one has ever said that about her before.” I said it and mean it. Everyday and always will. There is a reason (GOD) put the two of us on the same path that day that changed our lives forever. We have also traveled other paths we never thought we would, but are grateful that we did. They made us stronger and allowed us to be “all in”. Pick your path…believe in it…embrace it…share it. This path is yours to take. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?

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