You ARE a force to be reckoned with!

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Do you know how powerful you are? We have all seen the videos of forces of nature – tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and avalanches. Why are we drawn to watch them? Because they are powerful and NOTHING stands in their way. Yes, these are destructive and we wish they would never happen, but they can teach us something. When does these forces stop? When they have run out of energy and cannot be self-reliant to move further. We are better. We are not destructive, but constructive. We build up rather than tear down. We are self-reliant beyond measure and if we run out of energy, we have someone next to us giving us more to use. I get frustrated when people do not see all that they can do – they settle. Maybe they don’t feel like they are settling, but when I hear of unhappiness and dreams never pursued that is what I think. I have been told that when I am “doing my thing” that I have an energy that is contagious and I have seen people absorbing that and taking it all in. Especially those that are reaching for it (whatever “it” is) and not knowing how to get to it. We are powerful and can change the way people think all the time. Sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most – smiling at a stranger; holding the door for someone who might need help; or sending a card to someone you love, just because. Do you feel how mighty you are and what you can do with all of that “oomph”? You have to believe it first. No one can give you that one. When you feel like nothing can stop you and you are so giddy (yes,I said giddy) that you skip as you walk and hum songs in your head and you move. Use that! Yes, exactly that! My new favorite song is, “Move” by Mercy Me. It gets me going every morning since I heard it and then I know the world is in trouble – I AM a force to reckoned with and the world will never be the same. Even tomorrow will be different. Rock your world!

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