Life is in front of you – Run at it!

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No, this is not a request for physical exercise, but it is exercise for your soul and you CANNOT ignore it any longer. The time is now. Remember….it starts today. Your heart is begging for attention and you dismiss what you get glimpses of because you have doubt. I look back at snapshots of my past and now realize that I was having my best moments when I always did what came naturally to me. I didn’t have to think about it and those are still my best moments. Look at your past and identify what brings you joy…pure joy…it has been there and you know it. There is just about nothing else that brings me the most joy in watching others find their joy. Even joy for me does not equal the joy I see and feel from those that I love when they are “doing that thing they do”. It is magical and heaven but it is all wrapped in someone who is with me and that makes it real. Life can be magical and heaven – but you have to go get it. It will not come to you. We get stuck in our daily routines and are on “auto-pilot” most days. Nothing surprising happens, and we don’t MOVE towards our goals or even take time to dream about them. If you want something different, you have to do something different. You will see a transformation that will take your breath away and make other people say, “WOW!” when you walk by or give them a smile. You will feel like nothing could ever stop you. And once you are there, you will love it. But, you have to get there. Your life is here and now and you have everything you ever wanted to do in front of you. I spoke to BC last week and she told me that it was “too late for her” to follow her dream. I told her that the only time it is ever too late is when you are in the ground. Don’t wait. It is there…right now. Can you see it? You want to. Can you feel it? You want to. I know it’s hard and you are afraid. But you will find out exactly how strong you are the more you push yourself to do more. Be more. Feel more. Give more. Love more. Enjoy more. Live more. Life is here and now…no more running away. That is only a temporary reprieve from everything you don’t want. Begin running towards something that you love and are passionate about and you will amaze yourself. Afterwards, you will sit back and say, “I did that.” You will learn what your heart and soul want you to finally listen to and do. RUN AT LIFE!! Have a GREAT day!

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