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Your world may be changing but it is far from over.  When the bad comes to our doorstep, we want it to move on as quickly as it can, never wishing it would stop at all.  But when good comes, we would make up a bedroom and invite it to stay forever.  But life doesn’t ever tell us which one is coming or how long it will stay.  Our lives change all the time…sometimes there are more important changes that we never thought would come our way that become something that never leaves…like our friends, the Z family, who never thought cancer would enter their world as close as it has.  Then, there are those changes that you see coming and even though it terrifies you, you know what has brought you here.  You have seen the path it took you to get to this point and now it has been said aloud, and therefore that makes it real.  Life is not going to give us exactly what we want because we want it.  There are times when we have to compromise or give up something, never knowing that something better might be just around the corner.  Sometimes, your world changes to teach you something, like faith.  It makes you believe in something you can’t see every day but you feel it just the same and even stronger than you did before.  Because now you can’t take it for granted.  You still miss it, but you know it is still there.  Part of my world has changed recently and some might say, I have turned it upside down (and maybe shook it up too), but I also know that adapting to change is something we are very capable of doing, if we want something bad enough.  At first, we might rebel and just want to cash it all in and be done with it because it is easier.  But accepting that your world is not over, it just looks different now, is part of how we grow.  Our being new comes from insight and knowledge learned that otherwise we would not have been able to obtain.  Things change. People change. Attitudes change.  Efforts change.  EVERYTHING changes.  If we know this, and accept it, then we should not be upset that it does.  It doesn’t make it easier when we are the ones going through it, though.  When your world is changing, know that there are people who are there for you through A&E and will make the transition as easy as they can.  Before you know it, your world will find a new normal and you will be on your way again.  But don’t ever think that because your life is changing that your life is over.  The strongest people are the ones who get back up after life knocked them down.  Those are the people I admire most and they remind me to never give up.  Most things in this world we cannot control, but we can always control how we react to those things.  So, knowing what you know…understand that change has to happen.  It is inevitable.  Don’t use life as an excuse as to why you live the way you live…change what you don’t like and become who you were born to be.  The world will change with you, instead of it always being the other way around.  And if you do that, then it is never over.  The legacy you have created will live on in the lives of others.

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