Having it all

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No one could ever really have it all.  But in order to have it all, you have to be willing to lose it all.  You have to take chances and hope it turns out for the best.  Sometimes it won’t, but most times maybe it will.  You cannot reap a reward without taking those same chances.  I told someone a few months ago that we both deserve the fairytale.  That doesn’t mean we will get it all, but we both deserve it.  Not for the same reasons, maybe, but still…Who doesn’t want it all?  Some people want money and fame or both and stuff.  Lots of stuff to put in their “cribs”.  LOL.  My version of having it all is mostly what I have right now.  I have a husband who loves me more every day.  I have three healthy, smart, good sons who are growing into fine young men who make me proud every day.  I have a home with food on the table and a little money in the bank (very little), with working cars and a job.  I have friends who love me and care about me and always are in my corner.  I am pursuing living my dream that started here over two years ago and will taking more steps to make this dream more official and something that is more actively pursued.  Some people think they can’t have it all or shouldn’t have it all.  They feel guilty or selfish.  I get that.  Being selfish and taking time for oneself are different.  When you take more than you give, that is selfish.  I have laid my heart out there more than I ever thought I would or could.  But I also know I had to and there are times when I wish I could take back something I said or texted, but if I did that then I would be allowing my heart to speak.  And it had been silent for so long.  In order for me to have it all, I have to be willing to give it all.  And I will tell you that in the two years that I have risked losing everything I thought I knew, I have gained more than I ever thought possible.  When fate and destiny stepped into my life and changed it forever and encouraged me to see that I could have it all and has continued to guide me towards that goal, so that I can live the life I was meant to live.  Everything had to be in place before I could be “ready to receive it” and now that it has come, it will never leave me.  Yes, you can have it all too.  Allow yourself the joy and pain that will come from living your life to the fullest.  It truly will become the “time of your life.”

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