Have to stand out!

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Why are we so concerned about trying to fit in when we should be trying to stand out?  Because we follow the norm!  Why do we do what is expected and follow the trends of a typical life instead of making our mark (see previous post) and exploring all of the possibilities that are open to us?  Because that is easy!  I hate to admit, but  I have done that most of my life, with a little bit of standing out sprinkled through out…but never too much standing out because that brings way too much attention and I do not handle that very well.  Some people might think otherwise, but that is the truth.  I do not like being in the spotlight and actually will run from it if I can.  But I stay in it, not for me, but for others.  I do not post my ramblings and thoughts here because I have to be noticed.  I want the ramblings and thoughts to get noticed.  I see young people every day that are trying to make sure they are liked and popular and for what?  So people can like you for who you pretend to be?  We all could say we have wasted a portion of ours lives trying to please others, but forget about doing something to make ourselves happy.  I don’t get it.  This is who you are and no one should ever be able to take that from you.  But sometimes, we let them.  Be strong in your convictions and know that you are here for a reason.  “The biggest dilemma will not be discovering what you are meant to do.  It will be having the courage to do it.”  You have talents and skills that make you the best person you can be.  But only YOU can be YOU.  By being you and letting your true colors shine, you will be noticed and you will stand out.  Be ready for it when it comes, but know that it will be natural for you because you will be following your heart and everyone will see that you are BLOOMING!!!!  People notice an Army of One because of the courage it takes to stand alone and it will never be forgotten.


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