Carpe Diem

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Sieze the day! Do you know how? Are you taking advantage of everything that is in front of you, when it is in front of you? Sometimes, it is scary. It is so scary that you are not sure where to start and once you find the courage to start, will you be able to really hold on? I got scared this weekend. Stupid scared. But, unlike times in the past, I am not running. I am appreciating what I see…what I know…what I feel. When I see, know and feel then I feel less scared. I need to hold on but put my hands up in the air and let go. Hold on with my heart…let go of everything else. I can’t have both. I cannot live in both worlds…I have to pick. I have to choose. I have to allow others to make choices as well. Even when those choices take me places I have never been before. Because I trust the choice. And I trust, absolutely completely, the person who makes that choice. I am seizing my day, every day. The courage and strength I need to get to the other side makes me better. It helps me grow and give more to others. I am going to take what is meant to be and run with it. I have no choice in that matter as it has already been decided for me. I am embracing my journey – as I was told to do so many months ago – and as someone very special once told me, “I am having the time of my life.” It is here…it is now…it is having no regrets and never wishing you had done less. It is not being strong all of the time because you felt safe keeping it all in. It is letting people see YOU and truly showing the world who you are. “ACT AS IF IT WERE IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL.” – Dorothea Brande. Grasp what you want…what motivates you…where your dreams take you…and hold on to them. They will take you places you never thought you would be. And you, too, can have the time of your life.

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