Being “gooey”

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I was watching a movie this weekend and there is a line that I could not help but think about and needed to remind myself to write about. One character says to another, “…on the outside you are tough, but on the inside you are quite gooey.” Yes, she said gooey. Maybe what caught my attention was that we don’t usually hear the word, “gooey” said very often. I thought about me. I show the world my strength, my courage, my ability to stand firm when inside I might feel weak, feel fear, and want to run in certain situations. But I am learning. All the time. On the inside, at least lately, I have been quite “gooey”. Admittedly so, when I let my walls come down. They came down a lot this weekend. I wish it was easier, but someone told me that she was glad that it wasn’t. I guess if it was easier, everyone would do it. Then it wouldn’t mean as much. Maybe I would’ve done it a long time ago. I am constantly reminded about what I have done and what I have yet to do and they are no where close to being the same. Sometimes, we have to be tough and stand our ground and when we are alone or with someone we unconditionally trust, we can be “gooey.”

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