Caring too much

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Is there such a thing?  In our society, we have adopted and almost “care just enough” attitude where we give to a charity because everyone else is or so we can say, “we helped.”  But that is not the kind of caring I am talking about…I’m talking about the kind of caring that can and does make a difference in our lives.  We give away our time and money and never really see how it affects those for which it was intended, but we have opportunities to give every day…we just have to take them.  A few weeks ago, a co-worker opened up to me about how back-stabbing in her office has bothered her so much that she was angry and sad all at the same time.  I don’t always work in her office, but I could dismiss it as “not my problem”, but I chose to listen.  Maybe that was enough to let her know that I was there if she needed to vent.  Maybe it allowed her to realize that she didn’t have to carry it all and that sharing that burden was lighter in some way.  Do not misunderstand that if I do not call you every day that it does not mean I don’t care.  I care about a lot of people and even when it was not reciprocated, I still reached out to let people know that I was thinking about them.  Even when words of anger and hurt where what was I was getting in return, I still cared.  Humbly, I have been on the opposite side as well.  Part of me wishes I could take back that moment, but I learned how much someone cared in spite of my words and actions.  Do you care about others more about yourself?  Do you seek some accolades or acknowledgement after you have given?  If so, then you are not giving with your true heart…you give with conditions.  I was reading somewhere that the best relationships have a 100/0 ratio.  You give 100% — and expect 0%.  Maybe the other party will start to give more, but I think the best understanding is that you care so much that you are willing to give it away, understanding that you may get nothing in return.  Do you have relationships like that?  Maybe you are on the 100% side — maybe you are on the 0% side.  We all do, but hopefully you are on the giving more side than the non giving side.  Remember why you care about others…because your heart tells you to and your heart can never be wrong.  We never care too much when we see a heart-warming story, but how can we take that kind of feeling and transfer it into our own lives so that we are never accused of caring too much…because it would be impossible to do so.

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