Crumble in a day

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Nothing crumbles in a day.  Things deteriorate and begin to fall apart, but nothing ever falls to the ground in one day.  Even enormous glaciers have a breaking point, but it has been years of melting that have contributed to their falling into the sea.  Little things can pick at us like annoying gnats and then eventually we hit our breaking point…when we burst into tears almost without reason or cause or explode at someone who has no idea of what we have been holding onto for some time.  This is a gradual process and sometimes we don’t see it coming until it is too late.  Walls don’t come down in a day — just because the sun is out — they take years to build and years to bring down.  Building walls and taking them down are also done in more than 24 hours.  Sometimes, we endure more than we think we can and then when we come out on the other side, and we look at what just happened, that we realize that we are still here.  That we didn’t crumble in a day, either.  Most of us don’t appreciate the magnitude of things until we are thrown into situations almost unexpectedly.  Maybe, we are in a loveless marriage…maybe we have co-workers that are horrible to spend that much time with …maybe we have family members that drain our energy.  All of those situations involve other people and other people don’t just crumble in a day, either.  Worn out for trying and feeling like you are talking to a brick wall can eventually drop you to your knees so that you want to give up.  I get that.  We all do.  I just want you to understand that nothing happens over night…it takes time.  Nothing crumbles in a day…not even you.

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