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You know the saying, “Bring it!”  So, do you?  Do you bring your heart every day?  Do you let it guide you as to how you should live?  Most of us don’t.  Even if we were painfully honest with ourselves, we couldn’t do it or want to admit it — we don’t every day.  But, what if you wanted to, but didn’t know how?  What if you were afraid?  You still BRING IT!  Allow yourselves the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than you, where the effect you have is something that you cannot even imagine.  After years of trying to hide my heart and keep it safe, it was something that I could no longer do any more.  Little bits of it would appear in glimmers of brightness, but I was careful not to let them shine too long.  Not any more.  I cry because of a couple of words being said.  I get all warm and fuzzy when someone tells me I give great hugs.  I love to make people laugh.  I enjoy who I am and am not ashamed to let people see it.  Can you do something today that will make those people around you have a better day?  Even if you think it doesn’t matter?  I would bet that you can.  Being a competitive person, I would find ways to beat myself up for the times I didn’t measure up to my expectations.  Today, I walked five miles and thought to myself how far I had come from being disappointed that I did not run my normal 6.5 miles to accepting that I could just walk 5 miles today.  I didn’t have the energy to “Bring It!” this morning and I kept thinking, “It is not how far you go that matters. It is that you go.”  Here is your chance…your chance to let it all be there…for all to see.  Bring your heart today.  Be compassionate when you see someone hurting.  Be the smile they needed most.  Along with your heart, bring you.  It will always be all they ever need.  I know it is for me.

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