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At the request of someone much more important than me at work, I have been helping a young man get an opportunity to play baseball.  Now, this was asked of me because of our family’s years of being around the diamond and it was hoped that I might be able to get this young man some information about summer legion baseball.  In loaning LG some of our own equipment to play as a catcher, I was able to tell him when tryouts where going to be and although he missed two tryouts, I encouraged him to go to the last one.  He had nothing to lose and that it wouldn’t hurt anything to go.  He went and was given a spot on the varsity team!  That may cause you to say, “So?  What is the big deal?”  I will tell you why it is a big deal.  This kid didn’t have a lot to look forward to for many reasons, but I kept trying to get him to see that the way he looked at things could be different if he chose to see them that way.  When I told him that I was very proud of him for doing his best and that no one could ever take this accomplishment from him, you know what he said?  He said, “Michelle, I wouldn’t be playing baseball if it hadn’t been for you.”  Yes, tears are a coming!  In the small piece of this puzzle that I helped him with, I made everything I had count.  I give him my everything.  Making a few phone calls and giving him information was easy.  I brought my heart to this responsibility and may have changed this boy’s life.  I say may, but really what he did for me was much greater – it told me that I can do this and that everything can mean something, even when we think it shouldn’t.  He has something to be excited about and it showed him that people can care that much.  I am here to tell you that people do care that much.  Are you making it count?  Really?  I believe in LG and regardless of the season he has over the next 6 weeks or so, he will have this moment that may define everything else for him from this point forward.  I have never seen him play nor did I secure him a place on this team.  He earned that on his own.  That is what he brought to the table.  His desire to work hard and to be the best he can be.  Are you working hard and being the best that you can be?  I received a wonder thank you card in the mail that said that CH has swallowed the “Constant Change kool-aid” and that he strives to be better.  I guess I never thought of it that way, but it made me chuckle.  Can you be better?  Can you make it count?  The answer is “yes” to both.  So, I encourage you to do just that….make it count because you just never know when it will add up.

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