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I was very sure that this post was going to come in the next couple of days and even told CB it would.  I did not think it would be something that needed to get done now.  But it does.  This post comes because of a chance talk that came about from “business” that needed to get taken care of today.  But something bigger than “business” got handled and in such a way that I think it surprised both of us.  CB will tell you too.  She never saw it coming either.  But then that is when great things happen.  I showed her the secret to changing her life and I know I made her think and feel and gave her permission to do both.  We had a great visit about how we love what we do when we give to others, but we need to remember to give to ourselves as well.  I shared with her my dream and I think she was more astonished than in the many years that she has known me, we have never talked like we did today.  Things happen for a reason and although we don’t know the reason, today and in those few moments we were able to steal from time, we saw things very similarly.  CB thanked me for something, but I am not sure that I really did anything.  But what she will never know is that she gave me something as well.  She also gave me permission to continue with my dream because she believes in the message of what it brings to others, including herself.  Time will tell what happens to the seed I have planted and how this experience has influenced me as well.  It is still about asking yourself the questions and waiting for the answers, even when you think they won’t come.  Even when you don’t understand them.  Even when you think you can’t.  I received something in an email today that said, “Great love and great achievements involve great risk.” which is very similar to the “Great moments come from great opportunities.” from the “Miracle” movie with Kurt Russell.  You have to be willing to take risks and when you have those moments…those blips in time to do something great, then you have to do all that you can to make greatness happen.  Even though today was minor compared to the momentum in the “Miracle”, today was great with CB and I loved being able to not only inspire others, but be inspired by others as well.  Thank you, CB, for allowing me to be a small part of your “miracle”.

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