Bread crumbs

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I did not realize how important it was for me to lay out the bread crumbs for all of you to follow so that you can find your way home.  It has my attention.  Lately, I have been reminded by others what my words have meant to them, but they all seemed to come at once, by many different people.  I have tried to explain why this is so huge for me to accept, but it just is.  It is not because I doubt that I can…it is probably more difficult for me to believe that it is true.  Do you ever feel that way?  That you imagine a goal you want to reach and work hard at achieving it, that when you are actually at that moment when it is no longer a figment of your imagination, but you are basking in the glory that you have to pinch yourself?  Again, think about the Olympians who train numerous hours and sacrifice so much to stand at the top of the podium to receive that gold medal and hear their country’s anthem played….that is what I am talking about.  However, I am nowhere near a podium, accepting a medal, and I certainly do not hear a song being played.  Unless it is the never-ending, “Call Me Maybe”, anthem that seems to be everywhere.  But, my job is to plant the seed and walk away…I do not decide if it grows or not.  On occasion, it may need some tending to with some water, a little bit of sun, and some weeding.  But ultimately, that seed has to choose to grow.  I throw bread crumbs out, maybe thinking someone will come by and pick them up.  In those bread comes, comes a new perspective, a new appreciation, and a new life.  This week, so many people have mentioned to me that they read this blog or that they have changed something in their life that has made an impact on them and they believe that I had something to do with it.  I might have.  If you believe that, then those are the bread crumbs I threw out that you picked up, gained what you could, and took them to the next level.  YOU DID THAT!  DM started walking/running a couple of times a week now and I was also told that my attitude is “AWESOME!”  But it is not there for a select few…it is there for anyone that wants it.  People are intrigued by new and exciting and challenging situations…although they might also be a little scary.  So, if the bread crumbs are laying at your feet…will you choose to pick them up?  But that is not where the story ends…what you do with those bread crumbs is most important.  Maybe it is laying out more bread crumbs of your own for others to pick up…and so it begins.  Eat those bread crumbs and be an Army of One.

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