Love unconditionally

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To love someone is hard enough, but to love them unconditionally is down right difficult.  There are people in my family that I will always love because we share blood.  We may not always see eye to eye and our relationships may be somewhat non existent, but we are family.  To give love that you never get back is one of the most unselfish things I can think of that we can do for each other.  To understand that you have to give more, without expectations, because there is no other option.  You cannot unlove that person and they always, always will have a piece of your heart that you never really get back.  Even if you tuck it away so deep, you think it isn’t there.  It still will find you, from time to time.  They will always live there..regardless of what you do or where you are.  For many years, I never knew what it meant to love unconditionally, but knew the moment our three sons were born that I would always love them, no matter what.  I may not like what they do or the outcomes that appear before them, but I will always be their mom.  Today, two of my sons head back to school with new adventures and responsibilities yet before them.  I am excited for them to begin another chapter in their lives as they finish up their high school careers.  Our oldest will soon head back for his senior year in college and then he will begin his own path, that we hope get to follow along beside him.  When you give your heart away unconditionally, with no strings or conditions, you love unconditionally.  Who in your life fits that category?  Probably not very many people.  Those special people in my life know who they are to me and I will continue to give them all I have.  I choose to love them unconditionally.

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