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What do you believe? How strong are your beliefs in determining what you can and cannot do? Can beliefs make you stronger or weaker? It all depends. It amazes me what people are able to accomplish when they believe they can accomplish something. It is that determination that makes them almost invinsible and that is so powerful that it can move anyone to change. I used to doubt what I was capable of when it came to doing something good because I did not believe that by my being me, I had the ability to impact others’ lives in a positive way. After all, I was just letting people see me and I allowed myself to put down walls that I had spent years building. I know I surprised someone earlier this week with a hug when she and a friend dropped off some donated food and Christmas gifts to our office. I am not sure what JH thought, but she saw more of what I believe in with the giving of my hug. I believe that we want to give more, but not because of the time of year it is, but because we want to live with no regrets. I believe that sometimes we have to struggle and learn from issues we don’t want to face because it will be better for us having gone through it. I believe that we all have a purpose and we can take what makes us happy and give that same joy to others. I believe that we all are very much alike in so many ways, but may not be geographically near each other. We all feel sorrow and grief when a loved one dies…we all feel love when a new baby is born…we all have the same emotions. I believe that I am here, now, for this reason and have to continue my journey. Even though I do not have all of the answers and know not where I am headed, I believe I am headed in the right direction. I believe that you can CHOOSE how to live your life, regardless of your past and can change how you perceive people and events that you encounter. What do you believe? Do you have to see something to believe it? I was reminded yesterday about something I wrote over a year ago when I was out of town for a girls’ weekend. “It is not about the times we are together. It is not about the times we are apart. It is about the way we are forever connected at the heart.” That is what I believe. Use your beliefs to keep you strong and centered when you think your world is crashing down around you. Believe that you are more than you think you can be and when the time is right, you will prove to everyone that you are more. Believe that you matter to people and influence them in ways you could never even imagine. Believe that those simple words and those few moments will leave an impression that will never be forgotten. Believe that your legacy begins every day, with your bringing “YOU” to the table. Believe that you are loved and cared for, even when you think it would be impossible to do so. Believe that this is your journey and that I am right here, beside you. Believe that when you BLOOM you create beauty that makes my world better. Believe that no matter what, I am still here. Believe that there is no amount of doubt that could ever take you down, because I want you to know that above everything else, I believe in you. Always.

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