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Yes, I am a list maker. I usually have one written down somewhere and sometimes in multiple places. Many times, that list is in my head. And because I do not see it, I forget things. Things I should not forget. Today, Mike and I went out to take care of a few things as I was hustling to get those tasks accomplished and then I could do “nothing” the rest of the day. I have a hard time slowing down and just having some down time. I was reminded again of what it means to think of others when three-fifths of my immediate family served others yesterday with a holiday assistance program that my office helps coordinate for about 375 families. Living this life isn’t about getting things isn’t about having the perfect house…or sending everyone a Christmas card…it is just about taking time for those people that are important to you. It is making sure that they know how you feel about them, because you never know when it will be your last time to see them, to talk to them, to hold them. We all get caught up in the rush of the season taking care of everything we need to take care of and then we run out of steam and crash on the couch for a well-deserved (yet, not on the list) nap. This is not about what you do but who you are to others. You should not have to write it down…you should feel it. It is not something to check off a list, but more of the knowing that you feel better for doing it. I need reminded just like the rest of us about what matters and what doesn’t. I remember telling someone I had to clean my house before she came over to take care of our dog out for a weekend while we would be gone. She asked me if I really thought she cared what my house looked like and I knew she didn’t even before I said it. Don’t feel obligated to follow a list…sometimes you just have to put your hands up and let go of the bar…ride the rollercoaster.

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