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Do you believe in chance in your life? In this world? I was driving back to work today thinking about a friend that I never see and was thinking that after the first of the year, I need to call her and catch up. She was very kind in sending me a text after she heard my speech and even told me that her daughter posted something I said in Facebook, so it must have made an impact on her. Then, JS drives past me going an opposite direction and waves to me. What do I do next? I call her!! I tell her, “I was just thinking about you and then you drove by!” Was that by chance? It is funny because when we saw each other more, we were not really good friends then, but since we see each other less, we seem to want to see each other more and seem to connect better. Maybe that is weird and maybe JS thinks I am crazy. But I believe in chance. I believe that some things are not so planned to be a part of destiny and other things happen by chance. When Mike and I got married almost 23 years ago, we traveled from the west coast to the east coast for our honeymoon and met a couple from our same town from California. They even were attending the same university as I was at the time. Chance? Maybe. I think it was chance last year when I ran into a friend at the library who I had not seen in some time. But that might have been more to do with destiny, disguised to look like chance. Wouldn’t that be interesting? I know I am not in charge of this life of mine and have been very blessed with the events and people that have made me learn more about why I am here. I was never someone who believe in chance before. But I have to give myself chances, because no one else will. I have to take chances, because I cannot grow if I stay in the same place. I think when I met Rock it was chance – I mean, she just walked past my office one day. But again, maybe it was all part of a bigger plan made to look like chance. We will never know, but I know we are both very grateful. Believe in chance…you just never know what will come your way. Even when you think you do, you don’t.

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