Believe in who you are — that’s all you need to know

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Life wasn’t always good to me…

As a young girl, I didn’t believe in many things.

Not good things anyway.

Although not intentional, I stopped believing in anything good. Those things never seemed to come my way so why waste time wishing for them?

Unfortunately, that mindset had been become more pessimistic over time. Some days, I hid it well.

In some cases, I expected the bad to happen and then when it did, I wasn’t all that surprised.

For years, I had accepted that as my role — “The girl bad things happen to in life.”

When my doubts came and I second-guessed everything I knew about myself, I flooded my brain with questions like, “Am I messing that up?” Is it me?” “Am I worth it?”

Thoughts like that kept me up at night as I struggled to find answers that told me something different.

Finally, I got out of that rut

It took me a long time to let go of the bad and finally embrace all of the good things offers me. Honestly, they were always there. I just didn’t allow myself to appreciate them like I do now.

Fighting through the doubts we feel is one of the hardest things we will ever do. Sometimes, we can’t do it alone.

One key element changed everything…and it had nothing to do with the answers to my questions.

I finally understood the power of “choice” and I began to change one simple thing…

I asked different questions. In fact, I stopped asking them all together.

Tired of getting the same answers day in and day out, I realized that the answers wouldn’t change.

But something needed to…

Instead of “Am I messing that up?” I began to say, “I did something right. Something good.”

Understanding who I am and believing in myself prevented doubt from controlling my life like it once had.

Doubt likes to linger sometimes…

Honestly, doubt still likes to show up now and again. Just like an uninvited house guest. Checking in to see if I’ll go back to the old me.

Every day, I have a choice as to how I live my life. I could choose to live in fear and doubt, but why?

Why question everything we do, say, and think?

It’s easier to stand firm in what we believe about ourselves, especially when those beliefs are being confirmed by other people who know us best.

Other people cannot change who you are — they simple influence how you see who you are.

Deep down you know…

Throw out the trash someone else left on your porch a long time ago. It’s rotten and serves no one.

Believe and hold onto the good things that make you amazing. Your heart is pure and your love is the greatest gift you can give someone. You are beautiful, giving, and passionate about caring for others.

When you feel doubtful, allow the words of your most trusted inner circle shower you once again with the grace of their love and friendship.

That’s what matters.

So when doubt shows up again, you quickly slam the door and tell it to get lost.

Because you know who you are…and you believe in you the way I believe in you.

Michelle A. Homme 2016 ©




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