5 reasons why I must have hope every day

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In our world today, it is easy to hold onto the doubt and fear that comes with uncertainty and change. Especially today. No matter how the world is reacting to events, I refuse to let go of something I have fought too hard to find and keep.

Despair becomes our partner. Days of yesterday begin to be our solace and comfort. For some of us, we find our answers in the places we should never go. Christoffer Engstrom overlook

Yet we cannot go back to what once was.

Our only direction is to move in the same direction as time and yet we drag our heels and throw a fuss, not feeling confident about what happens next.

Past experiences and lack of trust prevent us from finding and keeping what we need most.

We cannot live that way.

In order for us to truly become great again, we must gravitate towards the only thing that will help us get there.

Despite whatever is going on, we must have hope.

However many times we stumble, we must be adamant in our efforts to gain our footing once again. It is imperative that we recover quickly and believe in something even bigger than we can imagine.

Moving forward requires keeping something closer than any distrust of what we now have.

We wake up each day with a chance to do something different than what we did the day before.

In every sunrise, I find these reasons to have hope:

  1. Move forward

    Time does not allow us to stand still. It must in one direction and only by believing in something not yet seen will I understand that I will not stay in this place for long. It doesn’t mean that I won’t hurt or that things will be easy, but I accept the process of moving forward. Not knowing what direction to go is not an excuse for gripping reality. The road in front of us may not be paved and it may not come with some signs telling us what’s ahead, but we know to get out of this place we are in, we are are going to have to get out of this place we are in.

  2. To be positive

    It is easy to find the negative and bad. Most of us do. That’s easy. I can wallow in my own self-pity and assign blame to other people, but that doesn’t change anything either. In the end, things may not turn out like I wanted them to or how I thought they would, but life works that way sometimes. I can either expect the worst or anticipate the positive. I choose the latter. When things don’t go my way, dealing with disappointment is easier if I had been positive in the beginning.

  3. Belief

    For too long, I didn’t believe in anything. If it wasn’t logical, it didn’t exist. But something happens when you believe in something that cannot be proven, cannot be seen, cannot be explained. It shows you that not everything is meant to held onto in that fashion. Miracles happen when we are open to them happening, not before and it is because of the belief in them that makes them possible.

  4. Change

    Nothing stays the same. Similar to moving forward, the acceptance that things and people change give me hope for improvement and betterment otherwise not seen or felt. Whether it be in a new medicine to help cure a horrible disease or the willingness to seek help for a long-time addiction, we are constantly evolving and therefore, change is inevitable. Our experiences take us from one place to another and with that comes the possibility for change.

  5. Drives my passion

    Many times, we lose hope when we have lost the fuel to feed it. Passion is that fuel. Knowing my purpose and holding onto what I strive to achieve not just today, but every day into the future is what gives me hope. The ability to invoke power to create a different outcome is where determination and commitment come from. We can do things because we are told to, but the biggest movements in history come from taking our passions and putting them into action.

Hope can be lost. It can be hidden and forgotten. But it is always there. Our hope can be restored by the seeing and hearing of things that cannot be explained. It’s easy to quit and be done with something, but hope keeps us in the fight just a little bit longer.

No doubt, we will all reach our deepest point — when we must bury our child or spouse, when we must say goodbye to a loveless marriage, when we lose our job with a new baby on the way. That point just looks different for all of us.

When there is nothing left and we find ourselves wondering why something bad had to happen to us, we will never hear the answer we want to hear.

The truth isn’t in the “why” something happened, it’s in the “how” we get through it…

And that “how” is better known as hope.

Michelle A. Homme 2016 ©


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