Feeling grateful: My 8 most important blessings

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Tomorrow, many of us will spend the day with family and friends.

Maybe we stuff our bellies with turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.

Maybe we cheer on our favorite football team.

Maybe we try to save some money with those early-bird shopping deals.

As you clear your plate, nod off for an afternoon nap, or break our the family board games, please take a moment to appreciate all that life has given you. Share words of kindness and compassion with those who mean the most to you. Take the time to make new memories. Snap a picture or two just for good measure, too.

So, I thought I would share some of my blessings…

1. Basic needs

Simple things like food and drink, a warm house, and clean clothes is something we all should have, yet not all of us do. Most of us cannot imagine living in a hut or shack the size of a bedroom with a dirt floor, no running water, or TV. If I am cold, I can grab a blanket or throw on another sweatshirt. Some people can’t do that. Never have I wondered when I would have my next meal.

2. My family

My husband and three sons have given me 30 years of memories. Watching our boys grow into the responsible, hard-working young men has been one of my most proudest moments ever. They continue to amaze me every day. In his quiet tone, my husband encourages me to follow my heart. Having four men love me has been one of my greatest adventures.

3. Passionate work

Most people work because of the knowledge they have. I am blessed to have turned my passionate into a business where my purpose is on display every day. To be able to give people permission to change their lives by listening to their inner compass has been remarkable. Every day, I am humbled by the ways my work has changed the lives if people just like you.

4. Little Extras

I am always grateful for the little things that add to my life: a warm coat, a reliable car, and songs on my iPod. The little things don’t seem like much until we want them or need them. Many of us take for granted the little things — but we all know how much those little things add up. They make our lives just a “little” bit better…and we know it. It isn’t always what we do or have that give us something special — sometimes, it is just something we see that we feel grateful for being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

5. Good health

For the most part, my health is pretty good. Sure, parts of me creak and crack. Some parts have been used so much that they aren’t even there anymore. There are some things I can’t do as well as I did when I was younger, but I know my medical conditions could always be worse. We can do things to improve our health from time to time, but never do I take it for granted.

6. My friends

Never did I think I would have so many people who care about me and am truly blessed to have such great friends in my life. Whether I see them all the time or only every so often, my friends always greet me with some of the best smiles and hugs a girl could ever need or want. I am especially blessed to have people who love me unconditionally and never judge me.

7. Freedom

Whether it be to walk across the street or to drive from one state to another, I appreciate my freedoms. Some day, I hope to completely understand the sacrifices made on my behalf to bestow these freedoms for me and my fellow countrymen and women. I try to pay honor to those who have stood, continue to stand, or will stand for the freedoms we all expect in this country.

8. You

Always humbled by your commitment to something better, even if you aren’t sure what that looks like or how to get there, you never give up. You inspire me without even knowing it. Your story and the steps you have taken connect us all to one another, learning as we go.  Only by following our own compass will we grow into our best selves.

Whether you celebrated last week with your friends, are splitting time between two families, or find yourself with a group of strangers, I hope you feel blessed too.

Gratitude comes from loving what we have — because we have what we want. We could all want more, but happiness is knowing that what we have is enough.

My wish for you is just as simple as this list…that you have always have enough.

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