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Yesterday, my husband informed me that a less than 40-year-old man from our community went to bed, not feeling too well with no other known issues.  He never woke up.  We are never given a guarantee of how much time we have on this earth to be with the ones we love, doing the things we love.  Not one of us.  I live by the Rule 22 almost every day.  I have written about Rule 22 before, but it merely says to tell those people who absolutely mean the most to you that THEY MEAN THE MOST TO YOU.  Because you never know if you will get that chance to say “what you need to say” or even just “I love you.”  We take things and people for granted in our busy, chaotic, never-stopping-for-a-moment lives to really tell those special people what they do for us and how we are better for having them in our lives.  “What if we were real?” is a line from a song by Mandisa and it reminds me that people are afraid to say what they really need to…what they want to…What is the worst that can happen if you tell someone that you love them?  You probably do, but no one has said “those words” before…now.  if they say it back, great!  If not, then you have told them what they mean to you and that can make all of the difference.  I have also tried to live my life with no regrets, and I am not going to start now.  Are there ones from your life that are no longer here that you didn’t get the chance to say all you wanted to before?  Do you think about what you would say to them now?  Make the effort to tell people that you love them, show them that you care, give them you.  I was told, “Love ya!” last week and even though it has been said many times and in many ways, I never, ever get tired of hearing it.  Because I know about Rule 22 and so does the person that said it.  Because you never know…

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