Are you one of the “walking dead”?

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What I mean is, are you dead inside?  I have seen (and lived) the life of the “walking dead” — where we wander aimlessly, looking for something that will bring us back to life.  And we never find it.  NEVER.  We go through the motions, staggering through activities and people like we don’t really even matter.  And they don’t matter either.  In the movies, everyone runs from the “walking dead”, but in life we join in, like we don’t have a choice.  We give up because it is easy.  Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t we?  It must be “what’s in”.  I have seen (and lived) a soul reborn after years of a dormant, sad, and maybe even pathetic existence.  Even taking a breath seems like too much effort.  When you crash to your knees, wondering if you will ever find the strength to get back up.  But it is never too late to get back up.  If you believe that you are one of the “walking dead”, then stop looking.  Stop running towards something you will never find.  I mean it, STOP!  Your search has always began and therefore, should end at one place…within you.  It comes down to that, plain and simple, people.  You are the cause as much the cure for everything you have before you.  You choose what life you want to live…no one else.  If you let a disastrous marriage carry on for years, then you choose that.  If you decide that playing the victim and never being accountable to yourself is a way of life for you, then go for it.  If you forget to remind yourself of who you are (not who others think you are or what you should be), then so be it.  You have to want something different in order for you to get something different.  You have to believe that you can get that something different.  You have to change.  You have to want to change.  You will have to access what you want, even if it is not the expected by others, when you decide what you want.  I know what I want and am taking steps to get there.  I received some good news that could lead everything into a new direction, but am not going to get too excited yet.  I don’t want to be the “walking dead” and conform myself to “the norm”.  I am different and therefore I shouldn’t be like anyone else.  I am me.  By just being me, I somehow impressed someone I barely know this past week.  Not sure how, but that is what she told me.  I see potential everywhere, and at times, forget to remember to look inward as well for mine.  Others have seen it when I could not.  I am eternally grateful for their insight when I needed it most, not knowing that I did.  I implore you to STOP being among the many “walking dead” who are right beside you every day.  Maybe you lead that pack.  Maybe it is about time to be the “running live”.  I know I am.

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