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Are you listening? Not just trying to ignore the soft hum of words that find themselves echoing repeatedly through your soul, but really listening?  I know I don’t always pay attention when I should.  But I certainly try when I really listen.  Sometimes, I forget and need reminded of what life is asking of me.  Do not think even for a second that life only asks this of a select few…life asks all of us the same question.  Whether we choose to answer it is up to us.  How we answer it is also up to us.  We choose.  Some of us choose wisely; others, not so much.  Now, you may be wondering what life is asking of you and how do you answer a question that has never been asked of you.  The truth is deep within all you were born to be and it may take some digging to find it.  It may require some extreme excavation with some big equipment.  But if you keep looking in the right places, you eventually find what you are looking for.  My story is a true reflection of that, but I kind of stumbled upon my treasure, as I tripped right over it.  Has that ever happened to you too?  When you are cruising along in life and then all of a sudden, something happens and although it seems so minor that it literally changes your life forever?  I have known people that it happened to — just like that.  Those exact moments are the ones I am talking about!!  When life doesn’t seem to get you to listen so it has to shout it at you…it has to make you trip and fall…it has to grab you by the arms and shake you awake.  Life is asking you to give you to the rest of us so that we can be blessed by your uniqueness and talents.  Be confident that you are a memory in the making, you just don’t know it yet.  My life has been touched by so many people in the last few years that the previous years almost seem like they didn’t even happen.  Like I was in a haze, on autopilot.  Life is asking you to take notice of YOUR life.  When are you going to do that?  Yesterday, we found out that a co-worker had suddenly passes away the night before and death ALWAYS reminds me of Rule 22, so I wrote this…”Nothing makes you more aware of the life you have been given than when the life of someone you know has been taken away.”  Your life is a blessing to all of us and is asking you to live it.  It is not going to be easy, but be grateful that you have this ONE chance to live with no regrets.  We await your answer…

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