Angels along my route today

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Today was an unusual run for me, not because it had been a while since I had run ( I have increased my mileage by 1.5 miles to my normal 5) as I try to get outside as long as the temperature is 20 or above.  For this Southern California born girl, that’s cold but it is relative.  You just put on more clothes.  Without any forethought or planning, I just started to run and kept thinking, “Why is this easy for me today?” Before I knew it, I had run over 3 miles without stopping and still seemed to still have plenty left and ran periodically thereafter.  Have you ever seen the movie, “Angels in the Outfield” where baseball players are making “web-gem plays” with the help of angels that no one except one little boy can see.  No, I did not see any angels today, but maybe they were with me this morning, helping me to keep going.  I still had the “10 more steps” in my head as well (that NEVER goes away – thanks, Rock!) but never really struggled.  It was effortless and easy.  Do you ever have things like that in your life?  Those things that just come to you that you thinking about makes it more confusing?  I have been in a funk for a couple fo weeks, and maybe today was a reminder to me to go back to the basics…go back to what is easy for me.  Running is easy for me.  I absolutely love it.  Inspiring others is easy for me.  Talking and writing are easy for me.  Life is complicated at times and we know that “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”  Getting back into my routine is wonderful and something that I have missed, maybe even more than I would care to admit or had even realized. I believe that everything matters, even when you think it doesn’t or no one notices.   I read something last night that basically said, “Do the small things so that you will be open to the big things.” – Dr. Kevin Elko.   Take every tiny step in stride knowing that in doing so, you allow bigger things to come your way.  I am not sure if there were angels with me this morning or not, but ever grateful that I believe that there were.  Thank you.

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