What if nothing changes?

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Have you ever come to a point in your life when you had to make a decision and you asked yourself, “What if I do this and nothing changes?”  Yes, yes, we all have.  I would almost expect that I have done that the majority of my life…almost anticipating that nothing would change, in spite of changing something.  Now, I would look at it differently.  Instead the question we should be asking is, “What if I do this and EVERYTHING changes?”  That has been the best way to sum up my life in the last two years.  I have changed everything and yet some things were the same, but no one knew it.  Ok, maybe God knew it.  He just hadn’t told me yet.  I chuckle to myself with the inside jokes He plays on all of us.  We have had doubt come to our doorstep at times we thought we knew the answers and because we allow doubt in, we become unsure with everything that less than 5 minutes ago no one could convince us otherwise wouldn’t go wrong.  But, what if…you take a step outside your comfort zone and do something that makes you want to throw up and you want to run from forever?  I have felt that way before (don’t mention the word “shopping” and we are good. LOL)  as I am sure you all have as well.  But what if look at something and see what you have been missing and tell yourself to try?  What if you start to believe that you are stronger than you ever thought you could be – because of what life you have lived up to this point?  I was one that had lived a life of negativity and never felt like my life could be any different from what I saw before me…I had learned that story, chapter by chapter, and it always ended the same.  Me losing.  Just about every time, too.  Or at least that I was thought was happening.  Now, my outlook is different.  Because now I know that everything can change. 

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