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For those of you that know me personally, I do not shop well and don’t really know how to accessorize an outfit.  It makes me nervous beyond belief and mustering the courage to do it is quite the feat.  I have made myself physically ill and wanted to disappear.  I can throw down some cash for a trip to Sam’s and pick up some running socks, if needed.  I hesitate shopping for myself but recently went shopping at one of my favorite stores for something special I wanted for a trip I am about to take.  But having no sense of style or fashion (when you say “Coach”, I think baseball coach), I felt overwhelmed with what I saw before me and no idea of where to start.  But, much to my advantage, I had some ABSOLUTELY great help.  Now, I am sure you are asking yourself where I am going with this, so hold on…here goes.  Are you like that with life?  Standing there, feeling so overwhelmed that you have no idea of where to start. so what do you do?  You stand there, with a blank stare on your face, too frozen to move.  I know that feeling all too well. And then what happens?  NOTHING!  But what if my shopping is like life where if we had a kind of idea of what we wanted in life, then we could learn to recognize what we think will work and won’t.  Maybe we are handed seven dresses and walk out with two because we realized that something just wasn’t right about the others.  We tried them, but they weren’t “us”.  There are many things we try in life that we may never do again, but we could say we did it.  Maybe there are those things that we begin to truly enjoy and love.  But life can be more than that — instead of just wearing clothes (or existing through life), accessorize your outfit and do the same with your life!  Wear some sass as you proudly show your confidence on where you are going today.  Make sure to never leave home without your smile — it is your biggest asset and is the best way to accessorize any outfit.  Add a new purse ( I thought it was “just a purse”, but apprantly it is more than that) that people notice because of your attitude.  Make sure that kind words compliment the people you surround yourself with today.  Changing your life can be something as little as changing up a set of earrings or putting on a new watch.  It can be a subtle change that no one notices, but every time you see it or it catches your eye, you will know that you did something different today.  If you are standing there looking at your life, not sure what to do next because the enormity terrifies you, remember that you don’t have to start over and you don’t have to throw everything you own out.  Just, little by little, start accessorizing your life and then next thing you know is that you will have a brand new outfit that will look FANTABULOUS with your new life!  Little by little, I am doing the same thing.  How do I know?  Because after I found the perfect dress, I was able to find the perfect accessories with earrings, a purse, sandals, and a cover.  Once you find your focus, the attention to the accessories is easier.  MOXIE ON!  Here is how I get my moxie on every morning with one of my favorites — “Good Morning” by Mandisa

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