Make the inside match the outside

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Are you a giving people a false impression of who you really are?  Do you pretend that everything is perfectly fine, when inside you know you cry yourself to sleep every night, wanting it to be different?  Maybe you know someone that puts on a good show for everyone else, but secretly has demons that haunts him or her at night.  I am never fake…and I would much rather someone tell me something that I don’t want to hear than lie to me.  If I am not worth the truth, why should I trust anything you say to me?  I had lunch with a friend from work a couple of weeks ago (we ended up at the same place at the same time), who I do not spend a lot of time with, but she and I both happened to be there.  She told me that she liked me before I changed my life but she likes me more now. Sometimes, words are said that don’t match the actions that follow. Maybe words that should be shared aren’t because letting someone into our heart is scary. A few years ago, I made a promise to myself — to not be afraid of telling someone how I felt when I felt it. There have been times when I have told someone something and the next thing I felt was regret for saying anything at all. Have you done that and apologized for it? I have.  When I shared something with someone about how I felt when I was someplace, I was reminded that that feeling, that place, and that person didn’t seem like they went together. Imagine going to Disneyland and not being happy that you are there. Do we fake our way through the days just so when the night comes, we can finally be free of what we have tried to hide? Does this sound like someone you know? How do we fix it? From the inside out. They have to match. And you can feel it because you are not fighting one thing with another. Only once you are there will you feel freedom and peace in your heart. When the universe is in sync and what you believe…what you treasure…what is precious…is what everyone sees in your eyes…in your smile…in your life. You choose to live happy. Don’t hide it any longer. People love to see others shine from the inside out…so show us!

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