The girl who gave up on herself

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You know that girl, don’t you?  Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but you know who she is.  You have seen her, talked to her and know her face all too well.  The girl who never thought she was worth it…never deserving of more.  Up until this moment, no one had ever made her feel special or unique.  No one had ever believed in her smile, in her heart, or in her as an individual.  She had decided that allowing her a chance to be anything more would be out of the question.  There is just too much at stake and she wouldn’t want to upset the “norm”.  For years, she had been conditioned to believe something about what her life would be designed like and had tried to live her life the best she could.  But when she gave up on herself, she gave up on giving the rest of us her true self.  Being unhappy is no way to live and no one else will be there to root her on.  No one.  No one will even notice if she gave up on herself, either.  Why would they?  Her being here and her life doesn’t mean that much to her…OR does it?  Was it easier to give up?  Was it easier to stop trying?  Was she lost and not sure how to even find out what she has been missing?  What if she was told that something so simple as her smile would compel others to smile when they saw it?  Her heart smiles too.  She begins to believe and truly understand that she has a gift and she has been living a false life.  She has shunned the spotlight and tried to not shine her entire life.  Hiding away has given her some anonymity and she has relished the lack of responsibility that others might have come to expect from her.  About a month ago, it was mentioned to me that girls start questioning their worth, their abilities, and self-confidence at about age 9 years old.  And that is when it happens…girls give up on themselves.  Not because any one told them to, but it has become almost a ritual for young ladies as they enter their teenage and young women years.  But what if we could change that?  What if there were no more girls that gave up on themselves?  Would you be willing to try?  If you knew that ONE thing you did…ONE thing you said…would prevent a girl from giving up on herself, would you do or say that ONE thing?  YOU KNOW YOU WOULD!!  We all would.  If you were that girl, would it have mattered to you?  Would it matter to your daughter or another young lady you know?  We need to start a revolution that eliminates any girls from giving up on themselves.  And, that goes for the girl you know too…you know…that girl who gave up on herself.   And just to remind you once again of who you are…listen to this…     “Firework” by Katy Perry

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