You were born for this

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Maybe you are not sure what you are supposed to do with this life you have been given? So, what do you do? You wander. You wait for something or someone to give you some directions, but then reality sets in. You think it will never come. It is different to be searching for something than it is to not be looking. There are a lot of people out there who are not looking. Then, there are those of us that wonder…and are tired of wandering. Then, it comes to you. And does it come. It will hit you like a Mack truck. As you get up, stunned from what just happened, your next step is trying to process it all. After you question it all and cannot even find the words to explain it to others, you are left with one conclusion. You were born for this. This is what you must do. It calls to you in the middle of the night and compels you to do things you never even thought about doing. You tell people exactly what you are feeling, and you go way outside your comfort level that you almost think you are going to throw up. Yes, I went there because we have all wanted to do that, right? Truth of the matter is, you were born for a reason. We have to figure out what that reason is and it is closer than you think. Listen… do you hear it? It screams so loud that its whisper faintly beckons you to pay attention. Are you paying attention? You should.

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