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I spent Friday evening with KR and LL and LL leaned over and whispered to me, “Out live your life.” She said, “What does that mean to you?” I have been thinking about this since then, not quite sure how to answer her. I am not really that sure I know, but I am going to take my best guess. I interpret that to mean that I need to live more, be more, give more than what life shows me. I extended the years I am on this earth by living more. My impact on others may live long past that, but right now I am here. I am here for a reason and my task is to outlive my life. To give it all I have, every day. To knock on doors that otherwise I might have walked right past and to open up people’s minds to something new, to see that there is hope. When others can take even baby steps to make their lives different, that is how they start to outlive their lives. Why do we wait so long to start living? I am not just asking you, as I was not living for the majority of my life. Then, something unexplained happened to me. I opened my heart and soul to the thought of living. I told complete strangers that I saw their potential and watch it grow into what I see before me. I received a text today from KD today about an opportunity that she has on Monday. She is trying to get an opportunity to shine and I know once she walks in that door, she will show everyone exactly what she can do. Believe, girl!! Show your MOXIE. As I was reflecting today about all of the little episodes that have occurred in my past that have tried to give me glimpses of what I should be doing, I have to laugh. I did not realize what it meant at the time. Little things like giving a retirement speech in front of 300 people…talking after a meeting, surrounded by 10 ladies who are there to just listen…volunteering to teach the Junior Achievement Program. The signs were all there. I wasn’t ready to see them or did not put them together. The G.I.F.T. ladies received a list of questions about how they find their dream and what they are passionate about last month. I might not have wasted so much time had I discovered those questions some years ago. Looking back, I have discovered my true passions…I love to talk – no comments from those that know me personally – I love to work with youth – I love to see women grow and live the promise they are meant to live – I love to write. Make your life mean something to others. Impose such an impact that it would be impossible for anyone not to remember you. I once questioned that of someone – if she would remember me. I have NO DOUBT that she will. UNCONDITIONALLY. Forever. Out live what you think you supposed to do…your life is meant to be shared with others. Don’t just live your life…out live it.

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