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“As long as people in the world can change, people can change the world.” I heard that in a movie last night and totally fell in love with it. Can you imagine how ordinary people, just like you and me, can help change the world? Do you believe that YOU can? I believe that YOU can. I believe that I can. Everything in this world that we all hold dear and yearn for can be something so unfathomable that it almost takes your breath away and you have to step away from it to almost look at from outside your own physical body. Can you see it? More importantly, can you FEEL it? You will. And you will KNOW it. And there will be NOTHING that will stand in your way of following it. Because I might classify my previous, pre-awakening years as safe and careful, I understand fear and doubt. But here I am with no real plan, a bunch of ideas, a great deal of support from wonderful people, and yet I feel like I can change the world. But it is not a heavy burden I carry because my changing the world starts with me changing me. That does not seem like too big of a task so I can manage it. In some strange, understandable way, that makes sense to me. It should to you as well. You change your world and however far your arms reach by starting with you. This blog is read by people all over the world and I am truly amazed by that fact alone. Some of you may read it to see what Rocky is doing and others may read it to follow the rollercoaster ride of my life. Regardless of the reason, you must find value in what you read here, and if you share it with others, then you must find value in what other people might think about what I write. Ask yourself, what can I do to make it better? To make it worthwhile? To make it what it should be? Do you remember my post about “An Army of One”? I might have begun this “Army” with some slights ramblings that I needed to get out of my head, but you are entrenched in this battle as much as I am. We know what we want and we know how we want to get it. Change your world if even just a little. Slowly, your world will look different and you will have to try to remember what it looked like before. I almost don’t recognize my previous life because it seems so distant and unnatural to me. Like it wasn’t really me. The world changes when its people change – the world won’t change on its own. Jump in with both feet and start with you. IGNITE the people around you to do the same. Pretty soon there will be no stopping us.

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