Snowballing in July!!!

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Ok…trying to sit and catch my breath. Just for a moment. I am winding down after a crazy, whirlwind over the last 48 hours or so. So much has happened but in such a GREAT way. I have had two really good lunches with two ladies who are at the proverbial doorway or threshold and they are trying to decide if they have the COURAGE to change their lives. I know it is scary and you are unsure. Who isn’t? But what do you have to lose? If you are unhappy now, why wouldn’t you want to change that? Try something different…do something that you always dreamed of doing, even if other people might not understand. I am blogging my heart away most days of the week and working on other projects that are being carried by momentum that I almost cannot describe. One of my main focuses since August has been teenagers, and although that is still a big part of what I want to do, something related to serving women has taken on an exciting life that started as a crazy idea at the end of May. Here is what I think: we all have the same questions…we all have the same fears…we all have dreams. We are not so different even though we never meet, live thousands of miles away from each other, or speak different languages. We are more similar than we even realize. But instead, we think we are alone. We think no one else can feel or think the same things that we feel or think. The more I visit with women and open up the possibility of something that invigorates their soul, the easier it becomes. Not for me, for them. I told someone this week that I cannot go back and standing still is not an option either. Therefore, I am left with one choice and one choice only – to move forward. This new, exciting venture has me thinking about all that can be done and how can I play a part in it. I am not sure of my role yet, but I know I am getting very close to seeing something come to fruition that I never ever thought of before. I dismissed it…I had set it up to fail even before I even explored it. I was unfair to the opportunities that are before me at this very moment. I have to be open to it all, not just what I think it should be. I ask a lot of questions in these posts and they are meant to get you to think…yes, the hard questions that no one ever asks and are afraid to answer. What would happen if you had the courage to answer that question honestly? Would you commit to what is needed to be done in order to get what you want? When Rocky asked me the “infamous” question, I am not sure why she did. Maybe she doesn’t know either. But I answered honestly, thinking I wasn’t accountable to her, so what difference did my answer make? It made a lot of difference. She helped me and guided me when I needed it and then at some point, I had to take responsibility for myself. She couldn’t do it any longer. I needed to be self-sustaining. And I was. Every time, I felt stronger and more committed to doing this for me. I could not do it for her. What are you choosing to do for you? You need to believe that you are capable of more. This can be the beginning of a new life – YOUR LIFE – and you can choose what happens from here. I have chosen and am committed to doing all I can to change my life. In sharing my life with you, perhaps you will find what you are looking for in yourself to change your life. Let’s start the snowball rolling in July. Let’s use this force to impact the world the way that we are really meant to and let our hearts guide us. WE CAN!!!

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