“X” marks the spot

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The other morning as I was walking my last 100 yards or so, I looked up and saw where the plumes from two airplanes had crossed and made an “X” in the sky.  And because silly, random things like that get me thinking, you should not be surprised by this.  Here is where I am going to tie it in to the blog…How many pirate stories tell us to look for the buried treasure where “X” marks the spot?  That would be really easy which is ironic because if “X” really does mark the spot, why does the treasure still stay buried?  Wouldn’t all treasure be found pretty easily then?  But we are not marked with an “X” to tell others that we are treasure or that we have a special talent.  No, we have to really look for it and it is not so easily marked.  It can be buried for years under mounds of sand, where time has eroded the treasure chest, and even may not have a key to open it.  But, it is much simpler than we even think.  Even wecan find it difficult to find those hidden talents that we either didn’t know we had or were afraid to show to the world.  Finding our special abilities and allowing those to fuel our souls and dreams have to be found at some point.  Not tomorrow, today.  We don’t want to admit that they exist and yet when they show up, we are the most happy and share that with others.  Why do we deny ourselves that?  Why are we not comfortable in being who we really are?  Why do we apologize for wanting more than what we currently have now?  All of the buried treasures full of gold and riches will never fill the empty heart that yearns for freedom to truly live.  No one should ever deter you from following your heart because it makes you happy and fills you with such joy.  They will love to see you that way because they love you.  You know where you need to be because even in you, “X” marks the spot.

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