Wild hearts cannot be broken

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It seems almost unthinkable at time — trying to process the endless possibility that brings excitement instead of fear.  I want everyone to know that it is possible.  What kind of mixed message is sent if you talk about it but don’t believe it?  It is easier to tell someone that it is possible instead of actually believing it is.  I was told earlier this week that I impact others in great ways that still humbles me when I think about it.  It is still difficult for me to comprehend on most days.  But this is not about me — it is about the moments we have to impact others.  And we impact others in ways never imagined.  Where something so little can literally turn a world upside down, change everything you thought you knew, and steer you in a direction you never knew existed.  Can you find joy again?  Can our hearts never lose sight again of what we treasure most?  Yes, I believe we can.  We have to try.  When push comes to shove, what do we think of at the end of the day?  We relive words shared and moments felt when we completely surrender what is meant to be.  What we fully understand to be true and embrace it so that we never let go again.  We have to come to the conclusion that there is no other way than this way.  We are driven by a force that cannot be managed by ourselves — it has its own energy that demands our attention and it will forever live within us.  It beckons to us and can cry so loud it will never be silenced again.  And we wouldn’t wish for that to happen.  The most beautiful sight I have ever seen is when that force is allowed to live and it creates such a commotion that people are drawn to it and cannot look away.  I have seen it, been a part of it, and am living it.  We all have moments when we fell lost and wonder, but once your thinking is driven by that force, it creates action.  That force can change a world — can change a life — can change everything.  The stain you create on people’s lives will never wash away and never be forgotten.  It makes you believe again…and that is how people will know you were here.  Wild hearts can never be broken.  They buck a little and they try to throw you, but never broken.

Michelle Homme 2013 ©

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