What feeds your soul?

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After a meeting this past March, I caught up with someone who I usually don’t see except but that time of year and I found myself using this term to describe those special moments when we truly LOVE what we are doing.  I am reminded of it when I think about the friends that have taken chances to explore new territory and the adventures that go with them.  It has been my absolute privilege to have been a small part in some of those activities and the thoughts that went on behind the scenes.  This is not a competition about who does more or when or how well someone does something.  This is about giving your all and being all you can to as many as you can for as long as you can.  When you are feeding your soul — truly  and unconditionally — then we are never hungry.  How can that be, you ask?  Because when your are full of life and living your dream, then I do not hunger that for which would satisfy that same hunger.  But what happens if your dream is not what you thought it would be?  What if roads you never thought you would cross ended up being the only roads you see, for miles?  But maybe what you think you should see isn’t what really should be seen…  For example, is feeding your soul about the money you make?  Or is it about knowing that you made someone feel special because of you making them feel beautiful?  Is feeding your soul about how many people who know your name?  Or is it about you knowing every one else’s name and greeting them the warmest smile?  Is feeding your soul about second guessing every decision you make, trying to plan what comes next?  Or is it about living with your heart wide open, never forgetting to be sensitive to what you believe. No one can go to the store, and buy what they believe will feed their soul.  You can only find it for yourself, within yourself.  Without thinking, I fed my soul a little yesterday — I got into my “mode”.  I didn’t mean to, but it just happened, but it carried me all day.  I remember the first time someone noticed my soul being fed…I didn’t even realize it, but I have never forgotten it.  Are there times that this happens to you?  When you get caught up in the moment and then next thing you know, your heart soars?  It becomes almost indescribable unless you have felt it before.  Some of us never get hungry enough to feed our souls and others of us get just enough of a taste to always have that craving to feed our souls.  Which one are you?  Never hungry or starving?  The easy part is that you know it when you hear the growling that tells you, without question, that you need to feed your soul.

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