Why is asking for help so hard?

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I will be honest…one of the hardest things I ever have to do is to ask for help.  I don’t even do it well.  I struggle through the “why can’t I do this on my own?” thinking and eventually succumb to the “All right…I need help” plea.

Like most of you, I struggle with feeling maybe a little inadequate and inferior.  Maybe it is a pride thing.  Or a little “I am woman – hear me roar” thing.  Growing up with empowered and strong women like Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman probably helped too.  Because who didn’t want to grow up to be Jaime Sommers?

But let’s admit the most important thing…

We ALL need help.  None of us have gotten to be where we are without help from someone else.  It might not have been something we asked for, but looking back, we now recognize it as help or guidance.

Take a few minutes and watch the video below…help may be a four-letter word but so is love.


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