Make a difference: The best way to inspire someone today

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coffee and work

Like many of you, I found myself holding onto that warmth only found in a nice cup of coffee on this chilly morning.  The day was new, even though it was blanketed with a gray sky and a crispness in the air. I sat across the table from one of my dearest friends, and on occasion, I found myself hoping.  Trying, but trying to try not to hard.

And as I sit and reflect on those 90 minutes, I understand why I was a little hesitant.  Because I wanted to make a difference…I wanted to impact her in a way that would carry her for a few hours until she could use that momentum and carry herself.

And isn’t that what matters?

Making a difference in a life, whether it is one we know well or one we don’t know at all?

Life is busy and trying to carry out everything on our list seems impossible at times.  We rush through each day as if it were simply to just be something “checked off” a list that seems to never end.  Especially this time of year.  We dismiss the moments that we secretly want back and yet pretend any chances for renewed opportunities just don’t carry the meaning they once did.

So, how can we change our attitude towards the people we interact with and they way our lives leave impressions on others?

How can we take something that seems impossible today and turn it into something that is mainstream tomorrow?

How do we get people to connect on a more personal level to enhance their souls in ways that influence our thoughts and actions to better us all?

Can it be that simple?

Are we making this more difficult than it really needs to be?

Be the change

In order for change to occur, we must become aware of what’s missing, how things can be improved, and why we need to keep looking for solutions.

Making a difference begins in our hearts.  It begins when we take a chance never knowing if the outcome will play out in our favor or not.  It means saying what we want instead of playing it safe.  It matters when we choose to grab hold the responsibility of doing something different instead of looking to someone else to begin this quest.

Want to change the world in a meaningful yet small way?

You give people hope…you show them kindness…you offer words of encouragement and support.

Inspiration is something that we need daily to just keep up with the daily grind that still remains from yesterday’s events.

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. – Zig Ziglar

The best ways to inspire someone today are:

  • Offer a sincere compliment.  Most of us never hear enough nice things about ourselves and someone noticing and taking the time to share their thoughts with us can make us start to see ourselves for all of our good qualities — especially if we are having a bad day.
  • Hold the door for a stranger.  It sounds silly, but that simple small act of kindness stays with people.  Immediately, they have a little bounce in their step and they begin to have this sense of happiness that might not have been there before.
  • Reach out.  It takes an effort to send someone a text, hand write a card, or even give them a call.  There is no point in thinking about someone unless you are going to follow it up with some action.  You make their day because of your selflessness and you get a warm fuzzy feeling as well.
  • Share words that resonate.  Quotes are the easiest way to inspire people and can be found everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram.  Don’t be bashful with sharing either.  If those few words touch you, chances are they will mean something to someone else too.
  • Be there.  I know it sounds easier than it is, but sometimes just “being there” can be enough to get someone passed something really hard.  It’s easy to not make it “your problem” but people really know how much you care when you make a promise and keep it.
  • Tell your story.  For some of us, being vulnerable can be downright scary.  People connect with one another when they don’t feel alone and there’s something magical about the words, “I’ve been there” or “Me, too” that seems to make everything just a little bit better.
  • Be an example.  We never know who is watching and because we never know, we have to believe that people are watching.  No matter what.  If you want something different in your life, just don’t talk about it.  Go and do it.  You would be amazed at how “walking the walk” inspires people because they now know they can do it too.

We all have simple moments that come and go every day.  Some we never pay another mind to while others seem to stick around for a little bit longer.  Making a difference in someone’s life isn’t that complicated…we make it that way.  Life will always be busy and we will all wish for the simple moments to feel like we are in tune with life and the people we treasure most.

We may never know if anything we ever do matters in the long run, but while we have these few precious hours today, I plan on taking advantage of every single minute.

Care to join me?  I’ll buy the coffee this time.

Michelle A. Homme 2015 ©


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