When we fall…

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This comes to us all from time to time. When we fall short or just stumble for a little bit. Then there are those times when we feel that we have fallen so far that there is no way we could ever get back up. We are afraid to reach, thinking someone else will not be there to grab our hand and pull us up the rest of the way. I hesitated about posting something on this subject, but also came to realize that this is a part of life as much as anything else. As hard as we try, we will fail. As hard as we try, we will also succeed. We all wish that everything could be happy, fun, and great all the time. But it does not always work that way. We are sad and gloomy sometimes. Situations and people upset us and make us feel different emotions. Sometimes, we don’t know why. Sometimes, we know exactly why and sharing that with someone else seems to make it better. Quiet time and space seems to work for me during certain situations. I take a break and eventually the “storm” works itself out. Eventually we pick ourselves back up and carry on as if that temporary set back never happened. I am not very good at letting others see me when I fall, and sometimes that hurts more than the fall itself. No one wants to feel dumb for being vulnerable. NO ONE. But we also need to understand that we all do it and we all need time to reassess and move on. Being there to listen is always the best thing someone can do for someone else. You may not say the right things, but knowing that you are there, just in case, can mean the world. It is easy to stay down, but takes courage and strength to use that to propel you up again. I learn alot about myself when times like this come and it gives me a little reality check. Reality is that we all fall. And we all have the choice to do what comes next…stay there or get back up again. I chose the latter.

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